Our Roadmap

step 1

We provide software tutorial for free. To meet all your needs easily. These tutorials are in the form of text, photos and short videos between 1 and 5 minutes.

step 2

In the second step, we will provide the tutorials of each software in one place and in a complete pack in the form of video. For those who do not have time to study and review the tutorials in step one. These tutorials will not be free. Which can be purchased in our stores.

step 3

In the first step, the site administrator is responsible for producing educational content. In addition, he gets help from all his friends to solve work problems and produce tutorials. But after the expansion of work, friends who have helped us along the way and have proven their scientific and moral competence will be invited to cooperate formally so that they can continue their training. A work contract will be concluded with them .

step 4

Establish a product store (other than educational products)

step 5

At this stage, we begin to produce tutorial in fields other than software