who are we ?

We are a group of teachers and software enthusiasts. In the first step, we would like to provide free software tutorials to lovers and users of all types of software. During these years, software has developed a lot and has had a lot of growth in various fields, and also their number has increased a lot.

In this field of education, there are many professors and teachers who have done very well and have trained many students in this direction and have achieved great success. We follow exactly the same path. But we have made some major differences after a lot of experience in our work.

Everyone, anywhere, any place that contributes to this project and goal is part of our team. We have tried to adhere to the principle of the first step, which is to be borderless and provide free and quality education for all. It means education for all languages of the world.

We are a global team to achieve this goal and nationality does not make sense! Our nationality is software and education! And help everyone to progress in work and achieve goals.

But about our sources of income and that we make the goal very clear to you. In the first step, we provide you with all the tutorials for free. The first step is software tutorials in the form of photos and text and a short video for each article.

These tutorials are provided in a complete and regular manner. The tutorials are provided to you with high quality, accuracy and detail to meet your needs.

In the first step, our income is provided only through your financial donations and advertisements on the site, so that we can continue on our path and provide you with free training. But in the second step, the tutorials in comprehensive packs will be provided to you in a completely video form, which will not be free. For those who want access to comprehensive and complete video and project-based tutorials.

©  Our brand name = tutorial + cells Which means different parts and fields  of education (tutorial).
TutorialCells is a platform for learning softwares and everything in the field of technology , knowledge and sciences .and anything that requires training to do it

Founder and CEO of tutorialcells


Hello to all my dear friends . I am Hamid Reza Toroghi, the founder and ceo of this company and group. I’m an electrical engineer . But I was always interested in software and I started my career with cinema4d software and after that I learned the rest of the software one by one and I wanted to teach the others. In this way, I trained many students and recorded many tutorials. But I did not have a specific goal!But after a lot of effort, I established this group so that I could provide free and quality tutorials to everyone..In order to make my name easier to say , I will introduce my name in the videos as Hamid RT.

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